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Custom-made Frames

Each frame is hand-crafted and customized to each print. Samples are available upon request.

Frame and matte will add 4-6 inches to dimensions of prints.

Actual print sizes may vary slightly due to original crop of artwork.

Plexiglass and Custom Large Format Printing

Custom prints, large format printing, framing, and plexiglass available upon request.

Plexiglass is timeless. This frameless design for photography and fine art prints allows for optimum clarity and vibrant contrast in a ready-to-hang format. Printed acrylic makes any environment stunning, from a hotel lobby, real  estate management office, corporate office, museum, or in your very own living room.

I know what you're thinking... Who's buying this image? 

This is Craig Thomas. As you've likely guessed, he's a fitness trainer and vast expert in all things health. Craig is one of those reluctant models though. In today's world, not only are you showing off the pecs, abs, glutes and guns at the gym, but needing to take that parade to Instagram and TikTok, but not Craig. Craig who just turned 50 (I know, right?), hides behind 80's movie tees, gym shorts, and knee high soccer socks. It's a good look for Craig, but this one is even better. So we hit the sauna, exhaled in the 180 degree steam for a few minutes, and showcased what 2% body fat looks like. Originally this image and a few others, were featured in an article he wrote for my magazine of which you can view here.  Not surprising, the response from those photos was pretty positive. So much that a few clients of mine had custom prints made.

When it comes to my private clients, unless you're some large name or celebrity, the likelihood of you purchasing a photograph of a stranger's portrait is slim. However, there are exceptions, one being that the image is so creative that you completely lose yourself in the photo, and the person is an after thought. Another exception is that the portrait provides a calming environment for the home, or in my client's needs, small relaxation therapy businesses. What better image to adorn the walls of the banya, than the body of an Adonis?

Available in a variety of sizes and prints, this cut body and image will have your home or business guests absolutely adoring those fabulous abs. And don't forget,... commissions are available for the custom curvature and cut.

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11"x14", 16"x20", 20"x24"


Custom Built Frame with Matte, Unframed


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