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Art Photography Prints of New York Photographer Aleksandr Karjaka.

Custom Printing, Scanning, Framing, Restoration & Retouching
by KARJAKA & Co.

It’s time to return to heirlooms.
Having been an apprentice to Richard Avedon and Irving Penn’s last retoucher and master printer, Chuck Bogana, my team and I became obsessed with seeing our luxury fine art prints out on display.

Each print is a moment in time, something to be cherished. Photos weren’t meant to be saved eternally on hard drives and cell phones, or in shoe boxes waiting for the next generation to take over. They were made to be displayed. Cherished. Loved. 

We provide a bespoke experience for our clients every want and need, from our personal studio prints, to scanning works and film, to the final touches of framing and mounting.

For us each piece is as unique as the moment it was captured. Our mission is to not only preserve the past through prints, but provide a future for such art to be adored.

Square Print Sale

What are KARJAKA Square Prints?

The KARJAKA Square Print Sale is a bi-annual collection of Karjaka prints made as a 12×12 frame, matte and print. White matting on a black or white frame highlights archival print photographs from the Karjaka Art Collection.

24 photographs are selected from the Karjaka archive for each sale, and then printed are limited edition. Outside of this 6 month long sale window, they will never be made available in this size and format again. 25 prints are available at the start of each run.

This sale began as a call  to raise funds during the start of the war in Ukraine, and will continue to donate a portion of sales during this time of crisis. Karjaka Imaging is excited to present exclusive, signed prints to our new and old art lovers and photography fans from around the world available for $200 a piece.

Art Photography Prints

By Aleksandr Karjaka

Listen with your eyes through Aleksandr’s imagery. Whether it’s Aleksandr’s work or your own personal print needs, elevate your standard of printing new to new heights. Immerse yourself in the exquisite craftsmanship and personalized services we offer, tailored to your unique preferences. With a dedicated team of passionate artists, we understand the significance of preserving your precious memories and transforming them into timeless archival prints. Explore our world of fine art prints of Aleksandr Karjaka and embark on a journey where each print unveils a captivating story.

Plexiglass Prints

By no means a new medium, it’s by far one of our favorite print mediums to work on in large format. Unbounded by matte and frame, the nearly glass like quality of this translucent acrylic takes our landscapes and everything else up a notch with vivid  colors and dynamic luminosity. 

Curious to see our plexiglass works? Look no further than this entire site! Every work has the option to be made into a handcrafted acrylic work of art. Click explore to peruse the endless possibilities starting with our Nature works.

The Karjaka Commission

Part of what got Aleksandr and the gang to build this site from scratch, is from the love from our private clients who have commissioned original works over the past 30 years, and viewers like you. While Aleksandr has always had a camera on hand over the years, our fans of Karjaka imagery often inquire about unique works for their homes and businesses alike.

Loving our images but not quite seeing what will fit in your world? Not a problem! Join the dozens who’ve commissioned Aleksandr and have something created special with you in mind.

Curious to hear more and create with Karjaka? Drop Aleksandr a note for your Karjaka Classic today!