Film/Archival Scanning

Your image is important.

Whether it’s film negatives, photo reproduction and restoration, or small and large scale art works with high detail definition, luminosity and depth, we take pride in scanning. For a visual of quality, think the quality associated with the The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and now for your home as well. This isn’t your average Epson flatbed scanning we’re talking about, and certainly not your mobile phone.

 Why scan with us and our system?

 It comes down to quality. Yes, in today’s digital and advancing world you could possibly go to your local FedEx/UPS or Walgreens and have your piece captured in some form or fashion, however your final product will not be of reproduction quality, and don’t get us started on Ai. What makes the KARJAKA process so valued is our attention to detail, especially color.  Regardless of medium being reproduced, to capture the depth and color that is needed for your work, we scan using our Phase One IQ4 digital back and flat Schneider 90mm & 120mm macro lenses for full range of color and detail. With our system we’re able to reproduce images to fit your wall or large commercial advertisement without loss of detail ensuring your work for future generations. We’ve made this recent upgrade after decades of scanning work with the Isomet 455 Drum scanner and our fine art gallerist and archival clients couldn’t be happier, and so will you.

Scans are available for all film formats, including slide transparencies, positives and reflective art.

Digital Printing

Giclée/Archival Pigment - Inkjet

Pigment/inkjet printing has evolved greatly within the last decade of development and research, so much that inkjet now provides our clients to see our and their works of art in vivid color and at larger and more impressive sizes. A dry process using ink jets spraying in a half tone pattern, printing with giclée afford the artist work to deeper saturated colors as opposed to Digital-C. With giclée printing there is also a much wider range of paper weight, surface texture, and paper whites which enhances the fine art feel to each work as opposed to C-type paper. Archival prints such as this can last up to 40 years in daylight and 200 years in darker conditions staying true to the original medium.

At KARJAKA Imaging we are pleased to provide top-quality pigment printing services with the same care and attention we give to all our photographic printing processes. We currently use archival grade inks and can print up to 64″ wide. We are constantly researching and developing new printing strategies including custom coatings and wallpaper murals.


Digital Chromogenic. In today’s digital world C- Printing/Digital-C is more akin to the ways of the darkroom with a digital touch. To create a continuous tone true photographic image, prints are created on wide format digital laser light printers commonly known a Lightjet or Lambda. Through this process our light sensitive paper, which contains silver crystals overlapped and suspended in emulsion, are exposed to our printer’s laser jets, then developed and fixed. Photographic C-type papers used in traditional darkroom printing have now been modified for LED and laser printing to create stunning tonal work on Matte, Gloss, Flex and Metalic. While true to the traditional tonal exposure process, they’re also fewer types of paper options in comparison to Giclée/inkjet printing process. C-Prints prints can last up to 40 years in daylight and 80 years in darker conditions. 

While this technology is developing rapidly, our Digital-C prints are primarily on Kodak Endura Premier (up to 71” wide) and Fuji Crystal Archive (up to 59” wide) with proofs available. Our C-Printing services include cropping, basic color correction and cleaning. We can do exact matching to another print but its pricing is structured differently on a per job basis.

Metal Prints / Dye-Sublimation

Dye-sublimation Prints (Metal Prints), are a newer medium that is quickly becoming the latest trend where dyes are directly transferred into the aluminum. The result is stunning with vibrant color and a unique dimensional quality. Sublimation is the process of a solid turning to gas and back to solid. We print with dyes onto unique transfer paper, then heat the paper and specially coated metal with high pressure and temperature in our custom press.

Dye-sublimation prints are durable because the dyes are below the coated surface, resulting in a fade and scratch resistant piece. The aluminum (.045 thickness) can stand alone, be backed with any of our substrates, braced or framed.

Large Format Acrylic Prints

Commonly known as Plexiglas, Acrylic, Acrylic glass, Lucite and a handful of others, these prints are not actual glass but transparent/colorless plastic Methyl methacrylate. 

Vivid, ultra-clear, slim panel face mounted acrylic prints allow for excellent reproduction quality, archival stability, and contemporary sleek presentation. This frameless design for photography and fine art prints allows for optimum clarity and vibrant contrast in a ready-to-hang format. Printed acrylic makes any environment stunning  from a hotel lobby, real estate management office, corporate office, museum, or in your very own living room.

Retouching + Restoration

Retouching is an Art in and of itself.

Whether it’s cleaning an image, image restoration, or image manipulation, retouching is a labor of love and collaboration. Scans by us are complimentarily  cleaned and restored by our team for maximum quality should and when your image need to be printed.

Every so often we’ll receive images that were scanned elsewhere or from photo enthusiasts and professionals alike for retouching. Not a problem. Each project is on a case by case basis, with several rounds of proofing, starting with sending us a low resolution image with notes, and a phone call.


There are frames and then there FRAMES.

Even with a black frame, there are options that far exceed the likes of Michael’s or Blick. Don’t make the mistake of diminishing your artwork or image for the ease of local department store convenience. We provide custom bespoke frames and mattes to compliment your work from black, hand painted, to brushed metal and everything in between. Hand crafted to perfection with various mounting options available as well.