Nikon F on the Go

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Covid still life camera series.

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Custom-made Frames

Each frame is hand-crafted and customized to each print. Samples are available upon request.

Frame and matte will add 4-6 inches to dimensions of prints.

Actual print sizes may vary slightly due to original crop of artwork.

Plexiglass and Custom Large Format Printing

Custom prints, large format printing, framing, and plexiglass available upon request.

Plexiglass is timeless. This frameless design for photography and fine art prints allows for optimum clarity and vibrant contrast in a ready-to-hang format. Printed acrylic makes any environment stunning, from a hotel lobby, realĀ  estate management office, corporate office, museum, or in your very own living room.

Nikon F Photomic or more commonly known as the Nikon F. This camera changed the landscape for 35mm photography. To compete with Leica's portable rangefinders, Rolleiflex and Hasselblad's medium format cameras, and Canon not quite in the professional arena yet, the Nikon F paved the way out of mediumformat and a new era of 35mm photography quality from fashion to war front journalism. With a removable viewfinder, the camera has the optional look down viewfinder built in as well. The main drawback of this camera was the in house metering system which was not always the most accurate, and quickly improved upon by the lauded Nikon F2 which is also considered a mainstay. My Father's first professional camera, he handed this beauty over to me at 16 and I've never looked back. The 105mm 2.5 lens, a gift from my mother to him, is considered one of the greatest lenses made by Nikon, especially for portraiture. The glass is beyond marvelous and shaped how I take portraits.

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11"x14", 16"x20", 20"x24"


Custom Built Frame with Matte, Unframed


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