Light Music

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Nikon F – Kodak Portra 400 Taken in Madison Square Park, I dragged the shutter in practically no light to create these dancing quarter notes in the Fall sky.

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It started as how many photos often start, a walk in the park.

A friend of mine was in town, and like two old souls, we promenaded around the park that is Madison Square. It was dusk and the evening light was upon us. Having finished a burger from Shake Shack, we sat outside the joint and people watched in the cool Fall air. The sitting area was adorned with Edison bulbs and an idea flashed into my head.

I was carrying my first true love, my Father's Nikon F from his film days. Kodak Portra 400 film in the spool and 2 frames left, I decided it was time to drag the shutter and paint with the available light and a long exposure. A purposeful jerk of the camera and music was made on to film. Seeing with my ears and listening with my eyes, this composition came to life in the most unique of theaters, with New York as a captive audience.

Available in a variety of prints and frames, it's the perfect opening statement for the symphony that is your home, office and life.

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